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Shindo Farmhouse

We're staying in a farmhouse in Shindo not far from Iga. Shindo doesn't have anything particular itself but it's close to the pottery in both Iga and Shigaraki. We saw a huge old noborigama (climbing kiln) and a bunch of other wood fired kilns and pottery.


We arrived at Narita airport last night around 8pm. Because of the late arrival we decided to stay at the airport Radisson, pick up our wifi router and train tickets the next day and be on our way.Today we go up, swam in a heated pool and are indulging in the breakfast buffet. Life is great, except for one little thing.It's snowing.I thought the idea was "follow warm weather around the world." Whose idea was it to come to Japan in February?

Goodbye Tanna!

We're leaving Tanna for  Espiritu Santo today. Tanna, not to be outdone by Wellington, graced us with a goodbye rainbow.

Cyclone Gita

We're on Tanna at the Tanna Evergreen Resort, a beautiful place but we're a little concerned about Tropical Cyclone Gita. It just flattened Tonga, and hit the southern province of Fiji. It's supposed to pass south of us, but it might interfere with our flight to Espiritu Santo tomorrow...