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Beer Taste Off: OZ and NZ versus CA

Our local hop head beer purveyors Purvis Beer in Richmond got in some beer from one of my favorite California brewers - Bear Republic. So we had an impromptu double-blind tasting of Racer 5 and Hop Rod Rye against our local favorites Galaxy and Hopwired.

I labeled four coasters "A, B, C, D" poured a measure of each beer into glasses, noted which beers were on which coasters, and turned the coasters over. Debbie came in and rearranged the order of the beers and the coasters. We sniffed and tasted each one, and then rated them.

There was unanimous agreement among the judges!

In fourth place was the Hop Rod Rye from Bear Republic. This isn't too much of a surprise because it's qualitatively different from the other three beers. It's darker and sweeter, with a creamy head and less hops. It's a malt driven beer, with interesting grainy tartness possibly from the rye?

In third place was Racer 5! Also from Bear Republic, this beer is one of my "go to" beers …