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Found two more winners at Purvis

The first is "Hopwired" from 8 Wired. A purely NZ beer made with NZ hops and NZ malt. It's a big IPA in the "New World" style, hop driven with plenty of dry-hop character and hop bitterness in the body. It's from Marlborough, home of world famous Sauvignon Blancs, and they like to claim it has a less grapefruit/pine hop character and more of a passionfruit/sauvingnon grape character. I say grapefruit/pine and I say the hell with it - actually I say "bring it on." It's my current favorite and having found it I am well content.

That said, there's another kiwi APA from Purvis that I just tried that's another winner. That's the "Tuatara APA" and I don't think I can do much better than quote from the label:
Spawned by freewheeling California hopheads, American Pale Ale is the red-headed stepchild of the Classic IPA. Big and extroverted with plenty of bitterness, a great APA shows off some fruit on the nose and the kind of earthy, herbaceous complexity Pinot Noir buffs drone on about when they corner you at a fundraiser. Anyway, we had a thumb through the Tuatara Atlas and discovered that us Kiwis are New World too. So we reckon its time a NZ APA pulled on its Dockers, flashed its iPhone and generally talked louder than anyone else in the bar. Here it is.
It's great. Maybe not quite as much in-your-face dry-hoppedness as the Hopwired, but it's plenty good. I could drink this. Next up I have to try the local brewery "Mountain Goat"'s premium IPAs...
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