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Palace Chinese Restaurant

Based on recommendations from other local food bloggers, Debbie and I decided to try the Yum Cha (dim sum) at Palace Chinese Restaurant. We arrived just before closing on a weekday so the selection was a bit anemic - but that was our own fault.
We tried a selection of traditional dim sums, including har gao, glutinous rice with pork, custard buns, and BBQ duck. All of them were tasty, the duck in particular was the best prepared of any chinese BBQ duck we've had in the city - they boned it!
From our preview we were favorably impressed with the quality - we'll be back to check out the selection soon. My one concern is that the prices seemed a bit high, even by Sydney standards, but if the quality is good enough it will be worth it.

Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley wine region is only about two hours north of Sydney. We'd never been there and various of our friends had been telling us how pretty it was, so last Thursday and Friday we headed up to see what it was like. Debbie and I had recently gotten YHA memberships and booked the tour through them. They provided transportation to and from the Hunter Valley, a half-day wine tour, dinner, and a private
room with bath at the Hunter Valley YHA all for a total of AU$368. We ended up seeing four pretty ordinary wineries and some typical tourist attractions the first day, but an interesting brewpub and some great brick kilns on the second day.
We were told to meet the bus at the corner of Pitt St and Campbell St at 7:15am. We arrived a few minutes late and had a momentary concern that maybe this time they really meant "we will leave at 7:15 sharp" rather than the more traditionally Australian "you show up sometime around 7:15, we'll show up anywhere from 15 minut…