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Crocodile Senior Thai

If you ride the bus up or down George St in the Sydney CBD, you've almost certainly seen a restaurant with the odd name of "Crocodile Senior Thai" along with its bright orange sign and silly reclining yellow crocodile. It would never have occurred to us to try it, except that a number of the local food blogs recommended it very highly. So we tried it.
At least one blog warned that the menu was in thai, and we were worried we'd be reduced to pointing and pantomime, but in fact there is plenty of english on the menu. Crocodile Senior Thai specializes in "Issan" cuisine - Thai food from the northern provinces along the Mekong River near the border with Laos. Issan food is sufficiently different from the rest of Thai food that it's considered a distinct cuisine.
Debbie ordered "Kuy Jub" which is sometimes spelled "Kuay Jub" and is basically a pig intestine soup with broad rice noodles. This one had the traditional jellied pig blood, pig in…