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Under Ice

Debbie and I went to see "Under Ice" at the Griffin Theater tonight. What a pretentious piece of self-indugent sophmoric crap. The good news is that it was the last night so you don't have to worry about seeing it. The bad news goes on and on.
First, let me say that the acting was great. Technically brilliant, the play is practically 90 minutes of long monologue after long monologue, intercut with intricately choreographed rapid fire dialog. I would say that it was a triumph of form over substance, except that there wasn't enough substance to triumph over.
The point of the play is that corporate culture is shallow and meaningless, values youth and energy over age and experience, and will suck your soul and throw you aside. The points are made with all the subtlety of schoolyard sarcasm, and repeated ad infinitum and ad nauseum. In case we didn't get the point by having a forty something office guy contrasted with two twenty something go getters, we are later treat…