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I've been looking for good Japanese food in Sydney for a while. Friends of ours had recommended Sakana-Ya in Crows Nest, and indeed it was good, and of course there's the excellent Tetsuya's Restaurant, but Tetsuya's isn't exactly what I would consider a traditional Japanese restaurant.

We had heard that Tetsuya had a restaurant he liked to relax at, Azuma Restaurant by Kimitaka Azuma. When Azuma opened a new kushiyaki restaurant near Town Hall, that provided the impetus we needed to try them out. We first visited the new place, Kushiyaki Azuma located on the ground floor of Regent Place Shopping at 501 George Street in Sydney.

Kushiyaki or "skewer grilled" food, is often called yakitori or "grilled chicken" after one of the most popular kinds of kushiyaki. Kushiyaki Azuma serves a selection of kushiyaki, but in addition they serve otsumami, a "snack" or "tidbit" - small dishes traditionally served with alcohol.
We ordered a few…