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Craft Bar

We left Bangalore, visited Singapore, Darwin, Sydney, Mountain View, and finally New York. We landed on March 10th and started our culinary tour at Craft Bar.

Started with a Llopart “Leopardi” Brut Rose Cava.

Had a few small plates.

Duck prosciutto with arugula, soft cooked egg and a little orange zest. Nice combination, reminiscent of a nice salad frisee in some ways.

Fried Polenta, was like hushpuppies, the sauce was sweet and sour vinegar based with sultanas. Quite tasty.

Beef tongue in gelee, flavor of thyme and whole mustard seeds. Huckleberries on the side.

Fondue of pecorino, spicy toasted hazelnuts with honey. Melty cheese!

Sweetbreads breaded in panko crumbs and deep fried. Tender and juicy, nicely done. Crispy little sweetbread nuggets.