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Just Oriental

The owners of T'Chi (previously reviewed) have closed that location and opened a new place on Brigade Road - called "Just Oriental." Last night Gautam, Madhu, and I checked it out.

It's a relatively small place, up on the first floor of the big mall near Residency Road (I think of it as "the Coffee World mall" but I'm sure that's not really its name.) The decor is quite nice, lots of plain wood, simple tables, with a decorative screen covering the windows that overlook Brigade Road. It felt elegant and restful.

I arrived early, and ordered a bottle of wine while I waited. The wine selection is nothing special, but the Grovers Viognier was pleasantly crisp and dry. We started with steamed dumplings which were reminiscent of shiu-mai, open on top and filled with spiced minced meat and vegetables. It was served with a custom made chili sauce that complemented it nicely. They were served VERY HOT which was good, but caused us a small round of "ow! Th…

A Milestone (of sorts)

Since moving here I wondered if I'd always stick out like an obvious foreigner, or if eventually at least some of the time people would treat me like a "local." There have been a few small instances, but yesterday something happened that made me feel like I'd truly arrived.

I got shooed away from a store by someone! It was one of the myriad of curio/handicraft/rug stores that are constantly inviting tourists to "come look." They are filled with carved wooden Ganeshas, tacky souvenirs, and overpriced rugs. Anyway, I was sitting on a railing in front of the store waiting for Debbie wearing a cheap cotton FabIndia kurta. After I'd been idling there for a while, a guy came out of the store and made the "tshh tshh" noise you make to get someone to move out of your way, and made shooing motions with his hands. I was being shooed away from his store!

I was shocked, I'm used to having to tell them that no, I'm not interested in looking at his ru…