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... and we're off!

We're sitting in the Singapore Airlines business class lounge (the "Silver Kris" lounge) because Google has recently changed our travel policy to allow business class travel for long flights. Our flight leaves at midnight and I can still hardly believe we're actually doing this!

This week has been kind of hectic. We finished off our immunizations, rabies and japanese encephalitis, and I talked to my doctor about taking copies of my records with me. (He seems to think my medical history is mundane enough that this won't be necessary.) Got my Indian work permit - Google hires a very efficient law firm in San Francisco who does all the hard work. I just send them my passport, a blank visa application, and my resume and they take care of all the rest. Very nice.

I joined a mailing list recommended to me by a friend ("Silklist") that looks like it will be very helpful with acculturation in general and Bangalore in particular, and immediately discovered that I …