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On Assignment

Everything is approved and now there's the paperwork to finish. It turns out that I'm not "relocating" to India, it's an "international secondment assignment." The short explanation is that I will be treated like a US Google employee while I'm there, and Google will "equalize" things so that I neither suffer nor gain financially from the assignment. At least that's the theory.

What this means in practice is that I will be paid in US dollars at my US rate, I will get credited for US holidays (though I will take local holidays), Google will provide a tax adviser and will be tax equalized. My medical coverage will be handled under a special expat plan. I get a $5ooo relocation allowance (taxable) to cover incidental expenses - appliances, decorating, seasonal clothing, tips for the movers, and things like that. I get a one way flight for me and my partner there, and another one when we return, plus one round trip per year (after we've…