teja de encaje al queso curado

The english menu translated this as "'tile' - curing cheese" which confuses me. The name in spanish "teja de encaje" is a particular kind of decorative building tile. It's flat with an embossed design. "Encaje" is lace or embroidery so I think it should be translated as a "lace tile." In any case they certainly seemed like embroidered lace tiles.

They were round lacy cheese crisps. I think there were at least three separate layers of cheeses. I also think it's "cured" cheese not "curing" cheese but perhaps these cheeses have a special restorative quality - one of the things we miss most living in Bangalore are good cheeses, and this dish was deeply satisfying. Crisp, good complex cheese flavors combined with brown roasted flavors. Held up they reminded me a little of holding a host (hope that isn't too blasphemous.)

El Bulli
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