El Bulli - Cala Montjoi

Cala Montjoi PanoramaWe flew from Bangalore to Paris, Paris to Barcelona, then drove from Barcelona to Roses and from Roses to Cala Montjoi. With each leg we went from larger to smaller - from 6 million to 2 million to 1.5 million to 15 thousand to well, basically none. Cala Montjoi (Montjoi Cove) is a small seasonal resort about 15 minutes outside of Roses, with a campground and one of the most famous restaurants in the world - El Bulli.

After arriving in Roses, we decided to scout out the road and see if we couldn't get a peek at the restaurant. It's a relatively short drive, only 9km, through scenic hilly spanish countryside and down to a pretty little cove. Since it was still winter, the beach was deserted and a cold wind made you want to keep moving. We explored a little, walking up the trail from Cala Montjoi back towards Roses. The trail skirts the back of El Bulli, with a picturesque stone stair leading up from the beach.

We drove slowly back, stopping to take a few touristy snapshots outside the gate, and went back to Roses to get ready for dinner.

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