El Bulli - Arrival and Cocktails

Debbie and I were part of a party of eight people, our half arriving a little late. One of our party missed a wake up call - what would it feel like to sleep through your El Bulli reservation? When we arrived I quick took some exterior shots then hurried in to the restaurant. We were ushered into a quick viewing of the kitchen, which felt like a cross between a large restaurant kitchen, a laboratory, and an esbat. Presiding over at all at the end of a long table was the chef, head scientist, and officiant - Ferran Adrià.

We were then lead through one larger dining room into our smaller room. It felt cozy and homey, even though we were at a large dining table. Once seated we were served apéritifs, either sherry or a cava, and cocktails. With the cocktails, the show began. Most of the table got a "gin fizz" which consisted of a martini glass half full of yellow liquid, topped with a white foam. When you drank it you realized the yellow liquid was frozen lemon, while the white foam was hot! It was such a shocking contrast it made me laugh. It would not be the last time...

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