Getting rid of stuff

Today I interviewed the second estate sale person I think we'll probably go with the first one. Dragged a bunch more books out of the closets. Sarah and Kathleen came over and gave some of our books a good home. Even though I want to get rid of them it's still hard.

I'm embarrassed to say I picked up a couple of "things" today. A USB<-->3.5" PATA/ 2.5" PATA/SATA adapter that works on "naked" drives. They're small, and cheap, and are letting me get all my data off those random drives I have lying around.

Later David Weekly came over and picked up Debbie's Radian it took four of us (David, his friend, Kathleen, and me) to get it into his friend's pickup truck, but we did it. Another thing off to a good home.
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