Lunch at Pinxto, Dinner at Amber

Had lunch with Sarah at Google's Pinxto cafe. This is our "small plate" Basque Tapas cafe and I love it. I usually have all three soups, whatever interesting "drink" of the day, a seafood appetizer and a couple of dishes. Today was no different. Going clockwise starting with the soup in the 9 o'clock position I had: saffron clam soup with israeli couscous, white bean soup with lardons, wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil, marinated baby squid, red pepper gazpacho with basil parmesan crisp, minestrone, beefsteak milanese, white sardine with proscuitto. I also had a nice tiramisu for dessert and a fresh squeezed grape/lychee juice to drink.

Dinner was with my friends Randi and Marty, at Amber India in Mountain View. It's mostly moghlai style. We started with papri chaat at my suggestion - they'd never had chaat before and as a relatively recent convert to the joys of chaat I had to introduce them. Amber makes a very nice papri chaat. Again starting at 9 o'clock and going clockwise: I had the Mirch Ka Gohst (lamb cooked with peppercorns, green chilis, ginger and saffron) that is advertized to be "spicy hot" but I found quite mild, an unpretentious basmati rice, Marty had the Kerala Lamb Curry, and Randi had a lamb cooked in almond milk that was quite unusual, slightly sweet and very creamy. We also had naan and a raita. I accompanied it with Anchor Steam - a very satisfying meal, I'd definitely recommend this place as being much better and more interesting than other local Indian places, especially if you're looking for fancy northern style food.
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