London day 4 - off to Bangalore

latte at harrods 102We spent a leisurely morning wandered over to Harrods 102 to pick up food for the trip as well as have a little breakfast. Normally I would run screaming from a place that had sushi boats on one end, a convenience store in the middle, a cafe on the other end, and a dry cleaner in the back, but it was convenient and I had a sort of morbid curiosity about the place.

I had a berry smoothie, a latte and a pain au chocolate. Debbie had an espresso and a pear tart. Both were decent but as Debbie says "it was no Bluebottle." (My god, am I one of those tiresome people always complaining about how something or other just isn't as good as back home? I'll try to keep the whining to a minimum.)

moet at heathrowAfter that it was off to Heathrow! We just hopped on the Piccadilly line at Knightsbridge skipped the first train because it was going to Uxbridge instead of Heathrow caught the next train with the cheerful "Heathrow 1,2,3" on it and were on our way.

Sadly the cheerful sign was a lie. After a few more stops the announcement changed from "This is a Heathrow train" to "This train is going to Acton Town" bait and switch! The driver admitted to the switcheroo and advised people to change in Acton town - which we duly did.

Once at Heathrow, Debbie got in the (long) checkin line with our luggage while I went scouting for faster ways to check in. Travelling together works well - I found the automatic check-in machines, and the "tag and drop" queue and proceeded to print our boarding passes. Unfortunately the machine claimed I had already checked in (we had, on line, but I hadn't printed the boarding passes) and wouldn't proceed. Fortunately the nice BA lady sorted everything out. I fetched Debbie so she could show off her nice Indian visa and we learned that with just check-in we could just proceed to security. Yay!

I breezed through the documentation line and was merrily on my way to security when I noticed Debbie was no longer behind me! I came back to find that her bag didn't fit in the little bag size template. Boo. After a quick rearrangement the problem was solved and we had no further trouble getting through. I had a nice glass of champagne while we waited in the cafe for our flight, we boarded with no trouble and after a forgettable dinner of "chicken risotto" I snoozed through the rest of the flight.
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