Dublin Day 2

Day 2 after work I met my friend Iseult who I'd known from San Francisco. She's moved back to Dublin and I hadn't really expected to get a chance to see her again. How nice to be wrong! She suggested we go to a place called L'Gueuleton, a very popular French bistro in Dublin City Center.

They don't take reservations, and when we arrived at around 9pm the wait was about a half-hour. We entertained ourselves in a nearby gay pub while we waited.

When we were seated I got the chicken liver and foie gras parfait, which was a little like a livery pot de creme with a hard port glaze on top and a caperberry. Served with toasted brioche, poached pear, cornichons and greens I found it to be excellent. I also had another starter, and a 50cl bottle of house Cotes de Rhone. An excellent place - I recommend it highly.

The company certainly helped. Iseult and I spent the hours catching up with our respective lives and relationships, what it's like to live in Dublin, what it will be like to live in India, our jobs, families, hope, and plans.
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