Casey O'Connell's Art

Last night we had the first estate sale person over to check out all our stuff and tell us how he was going to sell it all. It was a little weird. "I'm not dead yet!" But after that Casey O'Connell came over and showed us the piece she'd done for us on commission. She called it "India."

We love Casey and her art. We met her at ArtSFest 2005 where she had just arrived from Florida with a bunch of her art. She was a huge hit with everyone, including us. I was sad that we hadn't been able to buy any of her art then, so we asked if she'd do a piece for us. We met her at Ritual Coffee Roasters and talked about her and her art, our impending trip to India, and what we'd like over coffee and miniature cupcakes. She said she'd been doing a series of pieces of scenes seen as though from the outside looking in a window. I asked if she could do something with happy fat women, and this is the result.

It's the view through a window of a woman, with cupcakes and candles, warm light filling the room, colors and feeling of India but also of San Francisco. Casey and us. I like it. Of course it's crazy to be buying MORE art just as we're leaving, but it's a piece of San Francisco and our life here.

I'm happy.
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