Bangalore Day 2 - First Impressions

Today I got up and walked with Debbie to Google. Spent the morning doing various work things, then left at midday to meet with our friend of a friend (Suku) of a friend (Scott) Mohan. We spent a long time asking questions about living in India (he lived for many years in the US, moved there as a child and returned to India as an adult - so he has a lot of the culture shock information we want.) After chatting for a while about the relative merits of flats versus detached houses, how to hire a driver and deal with domestic help, the best brand of house water purifier to get and other esoterica, we all went off to lunch.

Debbie (and I) had been pining for dosas for a while, so we mentioned this to Mohan. He suggested the restaurant at the St. Marks, and off we went. It turns out that for lunch they have a buffet, but after some skillful negotiating by Mohan they agreed to make us dosas. We were very pleased.
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