Backing up my life

Last night I went to The Clay Studio to hook up John's personal phone line. It felt weird being there in the studio all quiet and empty with just Marsha cleaning up. I probably won't be spending a lot of time there anymore. An intense six months or so, really getting in to making functional pottery, now "poof!" and gone. I do love the pots we've made though, and I hope I'll stay with it, but you never know.

Today was all about backing up files and getting things ready for moving and selling. We continue to have little crises - is this really the right thing to do? Can we really sell this place we love? Oh my god! We'll get through it though. Tomorrow I'm going to go try to get visas.

Tonight we went and had dinner with our friend Scott and Roswitha and their friends Suku and Latha in Menlo Park. Suku is a NRI from Bangalore, and a silicon valley professional. We had good conversations about living in Bangalore, and Suku has promised to introduce us to a bunch of people in Bangalore.

Going to Menlo Park was an adventure. First Zipcar told us the car I reserved wasn't going to be avalable, so we got switched to a Mini. That was fun, but we took longer than expected in Trader Joe's (it was insanely crowded) then we got lost on our way and so arrived late. Debbie and I both hate being late, but it all worked out. It's a lovely house and we had a very nice fondue, both cheese and chocolate. Debbie and I brought things to dip in chocolate fondue, and some eau de vie for the fondues (from a local Alameda distillery - St. Georges. The eau de vie are amazing.)

Tomorrow - adventures in getting visas!
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