Arrived in Dublin

I'm safely in Dublin, at the Park Inn, Smithfields. Took the bus from the airport to the downtown bus station, then the Luas (pronounced "lewis") from there to Smithfields, which is one block from the hotel. Total cost €5.40. The hotel is more swedish modern than I would choose for myself, but it's apparently ownedby SAS so what do you expect? The Luas is fantastic. I love it. Reasonably priced, quick, convenient, goes useful places.

After arriving I wandered around Dublin for a few hours. St. James Gate Brewery is just a few minutes walk away, and the Heuston train station just a few minutes from that. Tried to take natural light night photos with the new Canon and no tripod. It was... interesting. I threw away a lot of photos.

After that it was time for dinner with co-wokers. We ended up at the Market Bar which serves tapas. I ordered olives, marinated anchovies, a cured meat plate, and patatas bravas (adventurous, eh?) other people ordered a "fish pie" that was more like a gratineed fish stew in a cream sauce and was absolutely delicious, a grilled chicken salad, and meatballs in a tomato sauce. All accompanied by lots of Guinness.

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