Moving to Bangalore

Ok, it looks like we're really going to do it. We're moving to Bangalore. First a visit the week of December 19th, then moving for real some time early next year.

First steps:
  1. Get rid of all our stuff
  2. Get passports and visas
  3. Sell the house
As part of step 1 we already asked Janice to earmark stuff. We gave Lori, Steven, and Guy some books (and toys) we thought they'd like. We may earmark a few other pieces, but the plan is now to just hire and estate liquidator to deal with it all. That's a relief.

Step 2 means Debbie has to renew her passport - you need one good for at least six months longer than you plan to stay there, and hers expires in May. It'll be a little bit of a fire drill, but should be ok.

Step 3a - told our housemates. Thinking about realtors. We still reserve the right to change our minds, but right now the plan is to sell.
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