Dinner At Jardiniere

Ninshou, Debbie, Eric, Delia and I ended up going to Jardiniere instead of Medicine. Ninshou and I each had the six course tasting menu, while Debbie, Eric, and Delia ended up splitting two appetizers and two main courses each. The tasting menu was something like:

  • Tombo tuna "tataki" on creme fraiche with california caviar topped with baby beet chips
  • Crispy seared white fish (halibut?) and poached dungeness crab with julienne of seasonal vegetables
  • [above two with a nice oaky white puligny-montrachet]
  • Grilled duck breast with a foie gras terrine
  • Aged prime beef steak with jus reduction and carrot, onion and some other veggie
  • [above two with a Carneros Pinot (Etude)]
  • Nicely aged semi-hard cheese with frisee, walnuts, and a pear puree
  • Lemon and huckleberry napoleon
  • [above two with a vintage port flight. 70 Dow, 80 Warre, 83 ?, 85 Warre] I'm sad I don't remember who the 83 was from because it was superb.
We started with an assorted charcutery plate and a split of Krug.

It was lovely. A nice evening with old friends talking.
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